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On 23 June 2011, meltdown magazine's founding editor Natasha Scharf had her first book published. Worldwide Gothic is the first book to look at the impact of the goth scene worldwide from its origins right through to the present day. From the UK’s sprawling post-punk scene to Japan’s visual Kei movement, not forgetting the USA’s deathrock explosion and Germany’s extremely popular Schwarze Szene, 'Worldwide Gothic' explores how they all came about and the influence they’ve had on contemporary music and fashion.

The book continues the meltdown magazine legacy and you can purchase copies along with the last few remaining back issues of the magazine direct from the Meltdown Shop which has been reopened due to popular demand!

Meltdown magazine was the UK's biggest-selling dark alternative publication from 2000-2004 and was translated into the mediums of radio and television. Founding editor Natasha Scharf is now a successful freelance music journalist, author, broadcaster and DJ.
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