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About Natasha

My first foray into the world of radio was at the age of 2 when my granddad stuck me in front of a tape recorder and "interviewed" me about what we'd done that day. From that moment onwards, I was bitten by the bug and regularly hosted my own music "shows" from my bedroom. These were broadcast to my parents and toy collection.

I asked for a typewriter for my 7th birthday, and shortly afterwards, started bashing out fanzines for school friends. This all came to a head when I was nearly expelled from school at 12, because the headteacher caught me selling me fanzines (photocopied by a mate's dad) in the playground for 10p each. I very nearly got expelled for this because it interfered with my school work and, I quote, I'd "never make a living out of listening to or writing about music!"

When I was 16, I became the youngest columnist on my local paper, the South Bucks Star and at 17 the youngest writer on a classical music magazine, which I contributed to during the school holdays.

After gaining 10 GSCEs and 3 A Levels, I went on to read journalism at university. I supplemented my meagre student grant by writing a column on the local newspaper in my university town. I was the first student from the university to achieve this. I also edited a newsletter for a small organisation (in exchange for shopping vouchers!), wrote up some music press packs and took on a part-time role as editorial assistant on the same classical music mag I'd written for as a teen. During this time, I also did some temporary work for the newsrooms of BBC Radio Solent and BBC South, as well as working as an assistant runner for the Man Alive Media Group.

I graduated from university with a 1st class BA(hons) in journalism, specialising in broadcasting. I spent two years working as senior feature writer on the classical music magazine that kept me afloat at university and then decided it was high time I return to my first love - radio.

I spent the early 00s flitting between Reuters (where I worked as a freelance newsreader for their on-line news service) and TotalRock, where I presented a number of shows, including the Meltdown Show, which was renamed the Batcave a year later. When Reuters pulled the plug on their service, I was lucky enough to get a commission from BBC Radio 1 to produce a documentary on the Goth Scene. Beyond The Pale was broadcast on 4 November, 2002.

And I juggled all this with running and writing for meltdown magazine!

After my stint with the Beeb, I took on a contract for The Local Radio Company, working as a newsreader across two of their stations. In 2005, I also took over presenting duties on Sunday mornings. I also write for Terrorizer, Classic Rock and Metal Hammer magazines.

I can be seen on a variety of Classic Rock Production DVDs giving my views on numerous bands as well as on the recent HIM DVD, 'Poison Arrow' (I was one of the first UK journalists to interview the band and play their music).

I am regularly used as a spokesperson on Goth culture and music by BBC radio and television, amongst others. I have also appeared in programmes broadcast on ITV1 and Channel 5.

Read more about Natasha at Radio Babes.


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